How To Look Good In Every Photo


Most of us have fallen victim to shooting far too many angles of our own faces. We just want others to see us the way we want to be seen. The truth is that all of our angles are us! And all of our angles are good. Learning to love your angles will bring  you more lasting happiness than scrolling through and deleting hundreds of pictures of yourself.

Group Shots

Whenever a photo is being taken, try being the first one to jump in. Put on a huge smile and let it all go. You’ll be remembered for how happy and carefree you looked instead of how “bad” you think people will see you. Don’t believe me? How often have you looked at photo and thought the person next to you looks hideous? (I mean, if you do think that then you’re just a bad person.) Seriously, no one is thinking these horrible things. If someone wants a photo with you in it, they have already accepted you. They want to remember you. It’s actually super sweet.

Glamour Shots

Dressing up is fun all on it’s own. So why not add to the fun and have a photo shoot with a friend? Let them capture you the way they see you. The results may not include your best selfie angles but since you have both hands free, you can finally show off all your power stances!

Love all your angles, love all of your selfies, love yourself. ❤


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