5 Cute (Low Cost) Summery Gift Ideas For A Friend

1. Painted Rocks


Paint your friend’s name on a rock, add glitter, rhinestones, feathers..etc. Or make a set of small magic rocks and include a little whimsical fairy card.

2. Mini Topical Kit


It’s just a little something to show that you care about their skin safety and who doesn’t like fun colored nail polish?

3.  Book Club For Two


Check out the bargain or classics section at your local bookstore. Buy two copies and read the books together. You can also add a personal message in the cover.

4. Mini Dream Catcher


Still have some left over glitter and feathers from your painted rock project? Well, pair that with a small hoop and some string/ribbon and you’ll have everything you need for a mini dream catcher. You can look up a tutorial online to create a proper dream web, but there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own version. Have fun with it.

5. Mini Hair Care Kit


It’s summer, and humidity can make hair go crazzzzy.  You can find cheap hair ties and clips at a dollar store and small travel size hair sprays at almost any drug store/super market.




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