5 Ways Writing Can Save Your Job

1. Documenting Harassment

It may seem petty and you may feel like you’re overreacting but when someone is treating you unfair at work, write it down. Maybe it’s an isolated issue, maybe someone just had a bad day and will never act that way again, in those cases you can simply discard the documented occurrence. If it turns out to be a frequent act of disrespect you’ll want to have it documented from the first time they have treated you wrong. Writing it down can also be therapeutic. It can help you separate your emotions from the facts.

If it ever comes down to someones word against yours, you want to be prepared.

2. Staying Off Your Phone

As technology improves we find ourselves more dependent on it. Even if you’re just adding something to your calendar or responding to an email with only the intention of trying to keep your life organized, your boss may think you’re being careless and see it no different than if you were texting or scrolling through facebook. Keeping a paper planner/notebook near by is far more acceptable in the workplace. Until the world catches up, it’s better to make those notes on paper then convert them to your phone after work.

3. Keeping A Task List

Some can do it all such as juggle a lot at work, multitask, stop, start, return to, and more. While the rest of us struggle to keep up with all of our work duties. Keeping a list will help you from forgetting important time sensitive tasks, while also creating a sense of accomplishment.

4. Updating Your Resume

You don’t want to be caught updating your resume at work, but it’s a good idea to keep notes of any new responsibilities given as they come up instead of trying to recall them all at once when updating your resume at a later time.

5. Listing Your Accomplishments

Small or large, listing accomplishments is a good idea for when it comes to your review. Some bosses may not know all of the many lengths you go to to get the job done. It’s not bragging, it’s informing. If you have a perfect attendance record, your boss should know this. The more accomplishments that you bring up that impress your boss, the more it overwrites any areas that your boss may think you’re lacking in.  If he/she thinks you should focus on other areas, this would be the time to bring it up. If nothing is said, and your boss is still constantly disappointed, it’s time to start putting out that updated resume.


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