I Started A Blog

My First Blog

I started a blog… once… a couple of years ago. I wrote a couple of posts and quickly found myself  struggling with what to write about and how to make topics interesting. I also let someone’s criticism over a small typo eat me alive. The whole blogging experience left me feeling boring and uninteresting. I thought if I wrote it as someone who wanted to be seen in a good light, I’d instantly become that person. I confused any type of human like flaws with being cringey. By dodging my “cringe”  I came up short. Since then I’ve learned that it’s ok to admit my faults, mistakes and failures. This is my second go around, but already it feels better.

I Told Myself I Couldn’t Do It

Writing was never my “thing”. As a child I struggled with reading books passed the first couple of chapters.  I grew up believing that English was my worst subject. It was only after high school that I found myself reading short articles in magazines. Before I knew it, I was reading longer articles while no longer paying attention to how many pages the story took up. I thought I didn’t like reading when I was younger. I’ve now come to realize that I just didn’t like what I was reading.

A couple of years after high school I took a placement test and I got into college level English. I was shocked. I never learned how to write a proper essay. Whatever they tried to teach me in school, I had already long forgotten. I was starting from sctratch. Luckily, my English 101 class was held by a very angry, bitter and overly opinionated professor who had a doctorate. In English! When I passed that class, I let go of my once predetermined fate of never being a writer. I thought I knew where I didn’t belong. I was wrong.

A passion will show itself even when you try to bury it.

Finding The Time

I always feel like I’m running out of time. Between squeezing things in or canceling appointments to make room for other appointments, it feels like I couldn’t possibly cram another task into the day. Without even realizing it, I’ve always been making the time.  I’m constantly thinking of new ideas. I just haven’t been writing them down. All my ideas follow me around like a shadow. Even when I ignore my idea shadow, I can still see it in the corner of my eye.

As for finding time to write my ideas down, I just push back on time for a little bit. Just like an annoying little brother who doesn’t understand the word “stop” sometimes you just have to yell:


Why Try Again?

I would like to share my experiences and some positive lessons that I’ve learned while also focusing on some of the happier and sillier sides to life.

My new goal is to fill life with a butt load of positivity… and a hint of cringe. ❤


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